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  Announcement of release "second five" Fourth major project directory and application considerations
  Significant demand for the country's economic, social and technological development for sustainable development of major projects, select the key scientific issues of strategic importance, bringing together innovative force, carry out multi-disciplinary research and interdisciplinary research, give full play to the leading role of the guide and to further enhance China basic research source innovation.
  Unified planning major projects, the project's batch mode, according to the National Natural Science Foundation of priority areas of development, major projects proposed project areas in-depth discussions and basic scientists solicit opinions on. In Science Foundation focus on supporting long-term funding on the basis of the resulting "growing point", expect a higher intensity of support, to achieve major breakthrough in solving the key scientific problems.
  The National Natural Science Foundation of China (hereinafter referred to as NSFC) is hereby given that the fourth installment of the "five" during the 21 major projects directory (see annex).

First, the eligibility criteria
Major project applicant shall meet the following conditions:
  1. To undertake the basic research experience;
  2. With senior professional and technical positions (titles).
  Are engaged in postdoctoral research within or workstation, is pursuing a graduate degree and no work unit or units where the units are not relying on scientific and technical personnel are not allowed to act as the applicant (ie, Project Leader and Project Leader) apply.

Second, the limited provision
  1. personnel with senior professional and technical positions (title), apply for or participate in major projects to apply for this grant and in the assessment phase (application and project participants apply in NSFC funded or not before making decisions) and are taking (including leaders and key players in) the following types of projects total aggregate limit of 3: Program projects, key projects, major projects, major research project (not including the integrated projects and guidance expert group research projects), Joint Fund Project (refer to the same Title joint fund projects), Young Scientists Fund, regional science fund projects, outstanding youth science fund projects, National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation of China (Any item when applications), international (regional) collaborative research projects (except for special instructions). scientific instruments funds basic research projects of major national research equipment developed special projects, major national scientific instrument development projects, State Key Laboratory of outstanding projects, as well as funding more than one year of appointed Director of the Fund and the scientific director of the project fund projects.
  2. The applicant (excluding actors) in the same year only apply for a major project. Last year achieved a major project funded by Project Leader and Project Leader, shall not apply to major projects this year.

Third, application considerations
  (A) project applications received and accepted.
  21 major projects 1. The announcement of the application submission date of August 25, 2014 至 at 16:00 on the 29th. By the National Science Foundation project working group responsible for receiving material receiving application (Tel: 010-62328591).

Address: Haidian District, Beijing Shuangqing Road, No. 83 National Natural Science Fund Committee Working Group received project material (administrative building 101 room)

Postal Code: 100085

Tel: 010-62328591
  2. The major projects funded period of five years the application period of the study should be completed "in January 2015 - December 2019."
  3. The major project "five-second" period will only accept whole application to write project proposals and are subject of the application, the application will not be accepted for part of the research content of a project directory, or a topic
  Each project task settings are not more than 5 per project generally consists of a unit commitment, up more than 2, the project undertaker totals no more than five topics (some major projects and assume the number of units set specific requirements, Guide to major projects related subject); Project Leader must be one person in charge of a subject.
  (B) The applicant notes.
  1. Applicants should carefully read the notice and the project directory, the project does not qualify for notification and project guidelines inadmissible.
  2. The major projects of the project applicant to be entered in the system "project proposals", and apply for permission to give the subject of major projects subject to the applicant, without empowering the applicant can not submit an application problem.
  3. The application for funding category select the "major project", subclasses Select "project proposals" or "subject application", select the relevant explanatory notes major project name, select the appropriate application code based on the content of specific research applications. Inaccurate or more select items selected applications will not be accepted.
  4. The application of the body of the report should be written in accordance with the text outline of major projects. If the applicant has undertaken major projects associated with the application of major research projects and other national science and technology projects, should "research foundation" main report illustrate the application of part of the project and other related projects in the difference and connection.
  "Project proposals" in the "major players" only to fill in the subject of "applicant" relevant information; "signature and stamp Page" (according to increased demand) and "relying on the official seal" shall be stamped "project applicant" Relying belongs official seal, "cooperative research official seal" shall be stamped "project applicant" to your support unit seal.
  "Subject of the application" in the "major players" includes all the major members of the task-related information. "Signature and stamp page" in the "support unit seal": shall be stamped "project applicant" to your support unit seal; 'signature and seal page "in the" cooperative research official seal ": already registered in the Natural Science Foundation joint research unit, to be stamped with the official seal registered, not registered collaborative research unit, shall be stamped with the official seal of the corporation.
  "Project Application" and "subject of the application" should be submitted through their home institutions.
  5. Applicants complete an application written to submit an electronic application online, download and print the final PDF version of the application form, submit the signed paper original of the application to the support unit.
  6. The applicant shall ensure that the application is consistent with the electronic version of the paper content.