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  Wuhan xianglong friction material equipment&mold co.,ltd is a special company which produces production lines of brake lining and clutch facing equipment and testing equipment and molds. Our company relies on the nation's friction material academy and technology, led by the new friction material market. Maximizing satisfying the demands of customers and popularizes the new productions, technology,and makes reach the world standards it's duty.It is the important equipment production base of China auto friction material industry.

  Now among more than 300 crews, there are about 80 senior technicists and high level technical staffs in our company.The factory area is 13000 square meter. We own 200 different kind of advanced production and testing equipment, which induding:

  1. Producting and testing equipment for brakes and braking parts;

  2. Producting and testing equipment and molds for drum brake linings;

  3. Producting and testing equipment and moulds for disc brake pads;

  4. Producting and testing equipment and moulds for brake shoes of motorcycle;

  5. Producting and testing equipment for weaving clutch Facings;

  6. Producting and testing equipment and molds for brake shoes of railway;

  7. Producting and testing equipment and molds for brake pads of oil drilling and mechaisms;

  8. Producting and testing equipment and molds for clutch and friction materials.

Also work at:

  1. Help to set up and run friction material enterprises

  2. Specialize in training crew on techniques, equipments operation, product production&development as well as technology and sales personnel etc.

  3. Offer raw materials from home and abroad, backing plates, shoe, shims and so on.

  4. Sell varieties of friction products including brake pads, brake shoes, brake linings, clutch facings and the same things like clutches and brakes.

  5. Provide with sales plan service, assist to open domestic and international sales market.

  In order to serve China market better and take up international market, we employed expert of American Friction Material Association to be our chief consultant, by competing with international friction Material company,.and utinizing world most advanced processing technology and equipment ,we are getting close to latest technology in the world.

  We also established research center with famous native university, our purpose is to make latest production and testing equipment for friction material, and train masters, doctors and specialists for friction material.

  Our company have passed the ISO quality system. Our goal is to provide advanced technology and top equipment and best service for our customers, and do our best to develop industry of friction material in china and around the world. We make progress with our customers ,and help them take root in china and develop in international market. We are always willing to make splendent career with you!